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World Series Of Poker
Championship Winners 1980-1989

World Series Of Poker
Championship Winners
1980 thru 1989
1st Stu Unger$385,000
2ndDoyle Brunson$146,000
3rdJay Heimowitz$109,500
4thJohnny Moss$73,000
5thCharles Dunwoody$36,500
1stStu Unger$375,000
2ndPerry Green$150,000
3rdGene Fischer$75,000
4thKen Smith$37,500
5thBill Smith$37,500
6thJay Heimowitz$30,000
7thBobby Baldwin$15,000
8thAndy Moore$15,000
9thSam Petrillo$15,000
1stJack Straus$520,000
2ndDewey Tomko$208,000
3rdBerry Johnston$104,000
4thDoyle Brunston$52,000
5thA.J. Meyers$52,000
6thDody Roach$41,600
7thBuster Jackson$20,800
8thSailor Roberts$20,800
9thCarl Cannon$20,800
1stTom McEvoy$580,000
2ndRod Peate$216,000
3rdDoyle Brunson$108,000
4thCarl McElvey$54,000
5thRobbie Geers$54,000
6thDonn O'Dea$43,200
7thAustin Squatty$21,600
8thR.R. Pennington$21,600
9thGeorge Huber$21,600
1stJack Keller$660,000
2ndCowboy Wolford$264,000
3rdJesse Alto$132,000
4thDavid Chew$66,000
5thRick Hamil$66,000
6thCurtiss Skinner$52,800
7thMike Allen$26,400
8thHoward Andrew$26,400
9thRusty LePage$26,400
1stBill Smith$700,000
2ndT.J. Cloutier$280,000
3rdBerry Johnston$140,000
4thScott Mayfield$70,000
5thHamid Dastmalchi$70,000
6thJesse Alto$42,000
7thJohnny Moss$42,000
8thMark Rose$28,000
9thJohn Fallon$28,000
1stBerry Johnston$570,000
2ndMike Harthcock$228,000
3rdBones Berland$114,000
4thJesse Alto$62,700
5thBill Smith$51,300
6thRoger Moore$39,900
7thSteve Lott$34,200
8thJim Doman$22,800
9thTom Jacobs$17,100
1stJohhny Chan$625,000
2ndFrank Henderson$250,000
3rdBob Ciaffone$125,000
4thJim Spain$68,750
5thHoward Lederer$56,250
6thDan Harrington$43,750
7thEldon Elias$35,500
8thMickey Appleman$25,000
9thJack Keller$18,750
1stJohhny Chan$700,000
2ndErik Seidel$280,000
3rdRon Graham$140,000
4thHumberto Brenes$77,000
5thT.J. Cloutier$63,000
6thJim Bechtel$49,000
7thQuinton Nixon$42,000
8thMike Cox$28,000
9thJesse Alto$21,000
1stPhil Hellmuth$755,000
2ndJohnny Chan$302,000
3rdDon Zewin$151,000
4thSteve Lott$83,050
5thLyle Berman$67,950
6thNoel Furlong$52,850
7thFernando Fisdel$45,300
8thMike Picow$30,200
9thGeorge Hardie$22,650

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