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A Few Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Play

  1. Don't play without enough money! As a general rule, you should have with 20-30 times the table limit.

  2. Most beginners play too many hands, in fact top players typically play between 20-30% of their starting hands. Learn when to fold a hand. Dont keep calling when your opponents actions or the board say otherwise.

  3. If you've got nothing in your hand, FOLD! Losers keep going to 'see what they can get'. And by the same token, If they've got you beat on the board, FOLD!

  4. On the other hand, If you've got a cinch hand, make them pay to see it. The goal here is to beat the other players. If everyone else folds, you take the money.

  5. Watch your opponents. Watch how they bet, how much they bet, how they behave and react. Knowing your opponents is crucial.

  6. Watch the Board. Dont focus on too closely on your cards. Being aware of the board allows you to read the betting and take the advantage.

  7. Pay attention to your position at the table. The dealer has the greatest advantage, since he is the last to bet he can watch everyone else bet and gain a strategic advantage. Likewise, if you are one of the first to bet, it may be wise to stay conservative and see what the other players do.

  8. Bet Intelligently. Dont just throw money on the table, how much you bet can say alot about what you have, or what you want your opponents to think you have.

  9. The more players at the table, the more likely it is that someone has, a pair, for instance. Or, the more players at the table, the better your hand needs to be.

  10. Always know what the best possible hand is when you bet. If you are not sure, take a few seconds and think about it. And if you dont know the ranking of poker hands, learn them now!

  11. Play Happy! In other words, dont play when you are sad, angry, distracted, bored, upset, etc. Your mood WILL affect your play, and bad moods generally mean bad play.

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Free Poker Online ~ Poker Rules ~ Video Poker ~ Strip Poker ~ Poker Odds ~ Poker Strategy ~ Free Online Poker
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