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Party Poker Million Tournament

One of the Biggest Tournaments Around, The Party Poker Million Tournament is Growing Every Year. Known for its cheap buy ins and huge payouts, Party Poker Million IV already has an estimated $6 Million Prize Pool.

Party Poker Million is associated with the World Poker Tour, a televised tournament with a huge fan base that has drawn millions of viewers since it started airing last year.

Players start out by playing online and fight it out in hopes of qualifying for the upcoming tournament which will take place aboard a cruise ship.

Party Poker Million IV

The Million IV is already underway, with an estimated prize pool of $6 Million! The qualifying tournaments consist of Single-table $32 ($29+$3) buy-in 'PartyPoker Million' tournaments.

Winners of the Qualifiers win an entry into the Semi-finals ($210 + $16). The 2nd and 3rd place finishers get a FREE entry into another $32 buy-in 'PartyPoker Million' qualifying tournament.

Winners of the Semi-finals will receive an entry to the Finals of the Million IV and a cruise for two! The package value of each seat in the Finals is $12,600.

Party Poker Million III

Erick Lindgren won $1,000,000 in the 2004 Million III! chartered the entire Holland America cruise ship MS Ryndam for this record-breaking, world-class event.

There were 546 entrants, and a Total Prize Pool of $3,822,000!

Party Poker Million III
1 Erick Lindgren $1,000,000
2 Daniel Negreanu $675,178
3 Chris Hinchcliffe $441,463
4 Steve Zolotow $259,684
5 Barry Greenstein $194,763
6 Scotty Nguyen $129,842
7 John Juanda $103,874
8 Jason Adkins $77,905
9 David Rogers $51,937
10 Kevin Leap $33,759

Party Poker Million II

The 2002 Million II took place on the backdrop of a Caribbean paradise, with Howard Lederer winning the grand prize of $263,850!

177 players (134 of whom qualified online) played exciting Limit Hold'em in the opportunity of a lifetime, competing for a prize pool of over one million dollars! Four online qualifiers made it to the final table!

Party Poker Million II
1 Howard Lederer $263,850
2 Chip Jett $175,900 + $25,000 WPT seat
3 Joe "Cowboy" Simpkins $105,900
4 Maureen Feduniak $79,155
5 Tim Lark $52,770
6 Dan Coupal $43,975

Party Poker Millions I

At the Million I, Kathy Liebert won the 1st prize of $1,000,000 and an additional $ 300,000+ was shared by the other finalists, including 3 amateur players who qualified online!

One hundred players qualified online (for only $22) to the Finals aboard the ship (which included accommodations for two) while 39 bought their way in for $8,000 a pop.

In terms of poker drama, it doesn't get any better than this: the final came down to superstar and former World Champion, Phil Hellmuth, poker veteran Kathy Liebert and online qualifier, Berj Kacherian (a database administrator from Los Angeles, California) playing for a cool $1,000,000.

The most likely favorite, Phil, finished third. The lead seesawed back and forth nine times before Liebert finally won.

Party Poker Million I
1 Kathy Liebert $1,000,000
2 Berj Kacherian $93,600
3 Phil Hellmuth $62,400
4 Bruce Yamron $46,800
5 Scott Buller $37,440
6 Chris Ferguson $24,960
7 Mike Yuwiler $18,720
8 Ken Flaton $15,600
9 Mel Judah $12,480

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