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Late Night Poker

Late Night Poker was the world's first made-for-television poker tournament, started on British television in 1999. The game is Texas Hold'em, The Most Popular Poker Variation In The World. Forty nine players buy in for 1,500 (about $2,700.00). The winner walks away with 50,000 (about $91,000). The tournament is spread out over nine programs.

Each show features seven players who play until there are two left, with players being eliminated when they run out of chips. The two remaining players then play 'heads up', until one has all the chips. The winner goes direct to the final, the loser goes into the semi-final. The finals are a similar format but with increased chip allowances.

By using under table cameras, the viewers can see each players hand and watch the action, knowing who is bluffing and who is not, before the players themselves do. Since the first series in 1999, five more seasons and a celebrity special have been made.

The final show of the first series attracted an audience of almost 1.3 million, even though it was aired at 12:30 am, and is considered instrumental in the game's current surge of popularity.

Late Night Poker Series V
Grand final played on 26th April, 2002
1st Padraig Parkinson
2nd Korosh
3rd Joe Beevers
4th Jac Arama
5th Vicky Lincoln
6th David Colclough
7th Surindar Sunar
8th Pascal Perrault

Late Night Poker Series IV
Grand final played on 6th December, 2001
1st Hamish Shah
2nd Simon Trumper
3rd Barney Boatman
4th Robert Cohen
5th Mike Magee
6th Robert Keston
7th Joe Beevers
8th Malcolm Harwood

Late Night Poker Series III
Grand final played on 14th December, 2000
1st Phil Helmuth Jr
2nd Adam Heller
3rd Paul Alterman
4th Marty Wilson
5th Mike Magee
6th Korosh
7th Mohammed Veria
8th Barney Boatman

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